If you are a yacht owner or planning to become one and want to reduce operational costs of your yacht to zero and receive additional income, Sailera Yachting can offer you our charter management programme.

If you want to buy a new boat we can assist you in purchasing your boat and providing advice when choosing a boat to meet your requirements and budget.

Joining to our Charter Management with your current boat or with a new boat we can offer the following benefits;
- Full compensation of all operating costs: mooring, routine maintenance, preparation for going to sea, conservation for the winter period
- Full compensation of periodic and annual registration expenses
- Full compensation for insurance costs
- The possibility of using the yacht at its own discretion in a certain period
- Income from chartering your yacht through the worldwide sales network of Sailera Yachting.

The owners income depends on the type of vessel; the number of weeks to be used by the owner; the number of weeks in the charter.
Sailera Yachting Charter Management program is not an investment offer. The main advantage of this service is the possibility of compensating the annual operating costs, as well as routine maintenance and repair of the yacht by competent specialists with a guaranteed level of quality, reliability and responsibility. At the same time, boat-owners can rely on guaranteed additional income.